The Sardinian Pasta Carbonara - Cuor di Sardegna

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Today we cooked a typically dish from the region of Lazio- Italy but we prepared it in a Sardinian key: a tasty carbonara.

The ingredients used are in fact all Sardinian, here they are:

Ingredients for 2 people

- 250 gr of spaghetti or Maccarrones de Busa;
- 100 gr of Sardinian bacon;
- 50 gr of Sardinian pecorino cheese;
- 3 eggs (yolks);
- pepper to taste.


- Cook the pasta in abundant salted water;
- Separate the egg whites from the yolks and add the latter to the grated pecorino cheese until creamy;
- Place the previously cut bacon in a non-stick pan (on low heat). Let it cook by turning it from time to time but without adding oil;
- Drain the pasta "al dente" (not fully cooked)  as it will continue to cook later.
- Pour the pasta into the pan of the bacon and add the cream;
- Serve with pepper as desired. Serve still steaming!

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