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Not just the sea. Sardinia is valleys, good food, craftsmanship, songs and traditions. Magical legends, millennial history and architecture. In fact, it is impossible not to stop to admire nuragic complexes, archaeological sites and wonderful churches scattered throughout this area.

Today we found ourselves by chance in front of the white Church of Stella Maris, a work of art located in a unique setting, the Gulf of Porto Cervo on the Costa Smeralda.

Built in the 1960s by architect Michele Busiri Vici, the strategic terrain on which this suggestive church stands was donated by Prince Aga Khan Karim (despite his different creed). In perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape, the Stella Maris church is in fact surrounded by priceless luxury villas, as well as the art treasures preserved inside.

The main feature of the Stella Maris is certainly its very white color and its rounded shapes with the almost complete absence of corners. Both the shapes of this church and the ceramics applied to the dome recall the crystal clear sea that we can see in the background. Only the roof of the portico, the floor and the beams made up of the famous local rocks have a hint of color.

Behind the stone altar there is an eighteenth-century stone crucifix while on the opposite side at the top there is a pipe organ from the late 1600s by Neapolitan masters.

The conical bell tower, also candid, is located on the right as if not wanting to obstruct the beautiful view. The rounded shapes, arches, slits and numerous marine-style details continue inside.

The silence of this place, the smell of juniper and the colors of the sea that blend with those of the church are a well-deserved prize for those who decide to visit it. It is really worth it.
A sober and solemn but at the same time reserved place, ideal for finding yourself intimately even in a place in general, for holidays.


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