Piscinas dune - Cuor di Sardegna - Discover one of the largest sand mountain in Europe

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The Dunes of Piscinas are suggestive desert dunes among the highest in Europe, located in the municipality of Arbus.

These imposing dunes are shaped by the winds that come from the sea and reach up to 100 meters in height. The show as well as the context is unique, the Dunes of Piscinas in fact reach to the sea and are surrounded by juniper, mastic and broom.

After the mining warehouse of the nearby mines of Gennamari and Ingurtosu, we find ourselves in front of these attractive dunes, which extend to one of the most beautiful stretches of sea on the green coast in western Sardinia. To reach them it is also possible to pass from Montevecchio up to a stretch of coast between Capo della Frasca and Capo Pecora.

We can find other dunes at Torre dei Corsari, in Pistis and in nearby Scivu. In any case, the dimensions of the Piscinas dunes are clearly greater. The wind that comes from the sea in fact pushes the sand inwards to create these giant mountains of sand.

It is said that anyone lucky enough to visit this place will rediscover itself a little child, not being able to avoid rolling around the rapid descents of these wonderful dunes.

Perhaps not everyone knows that in 1978 some scenes of the film Black Stallion directed by Carroll Ballard and produced by Francis Ford Coppola were shot in this beautiful location.

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