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"Don't you know the Nepenthes of Oliena not even by fame? Ah, I relax! I am sure that if you took a sip, you would never want to leave from the shadow of the white cliffs again ... I know nothing but the smell; smell, unspeakable, was enough to inebriate me "so wrote Gabriele D'Annunzio in 1909 in the" Corriere Della Sera "in an open letter addressed to a German journalist friend describing the Cannonau wine of Oliena.

The name Nepente derives from the Greek "ne" which means "not" and "penthos" which means "sadness", that is "no sadness".

The nepente wine is a Cannonau wine produced in Oliena, a town of about 7000 inhabitants in the province of Nuoro. In its countryside, from the dry climate and the sandy soil, a cannonau now famous throughout Italy and abroad is born.

Besides D'Annunzio, mention is made of Nepente in the fourth book of the Odyssey but also in the second book of the Stories of Herodotus. Its strong taste, obtained from selected Cannonau grapes and its classic ruby ​​red color with a broad and persistent aroma make this wine unmistakable.

The grapes rigorously collected in boxes, at the moment of delivery to the cellar, undergo an accurate and rigid selection. The fermentation maceration lasts for 10-12 days and is carried out at a temperature of 24-26 ° C - Frequent pumping over and delestagè ensure the extraction of the color and noble compounds contained in the grapes. The wine ages in cement or steel tanks at controlled temperatures.

NEPENTE is bottled sterile and under nitrogen pressure. The refinement in the bottle favors the maturation of the wine which is enriched with fruity and spicy nuances. Store the bottles in ideal conditions of temperature and humidity, in a horizontal position and in the dark.

A Cannonau with a young and domineering soul. It is drunk well in different combinations, from pizza to roasts, from game-based sauces to sheep's and fresh or semi-seasoned sheep's and cow's milk


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