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The Sardinian Pasta Carbonara - Cuor di Sardegna

In: Ricette tipiche sarde Su: lunedì, marzo 16, 2020
Today we cooked a typically dish from the region of Lazio- Italy but we prepared it in a Sardinian key: a tasty carbonara. The ingredients used are in fact...

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Stella Maris's church - Cuor di Sardegna

In: Cuor di Sardegna Blog Su: giovedì, marzo 12, 2020
Not just the sea. Sardinia is valleys, good food, craftsmanship, songs and traditions. Magical legends, millennial history and architecture. In fact, it is...

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Piscinas dune - Cuor di Sardegna - Discover one of the largest sand mountain in Europe

In: Cuor di Sardegna Blog Su: mercoledì, marzo 4, 2020
The Dunes of Piscinas are suggestive desert dunes among the highest in Europe, located in the municipality of Arbus. These imposing dunes are shaped by the...

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Nepente di Oliena wine - Cuor di Sardegna e-shop - Buy online Sardinian Cannonau

In: Sub Category 2 Su: mercoledì, febbraio 26, 2020
"Don't you know the Nepenthes of Oliena not even by fame? Ah, I relax! I am sure that if you took a sip, you would never want to leave from the shadow of the...

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